Ellex 2RT Studies Demonstrate Clinical Efficacy in Treatment of DME


The Retinal Regeneration Therapy laser (2RT; Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd., Adelaide, Australia) was safe and at least as clinically effective in the treatment of diabetic macular edema (DME) as a conventional laser, according to data presented at ARVO.1

A prospective, randomized, noninferiority study compared the 2RT, a nanopulse retinal laser that has shown to experimentally to cause minimal injury to sensory retina at clinically relevant settings, with a photocoagulative (control) laser.

Patients with previously untreated DME were selected to receive either 2RT or control laser. Retinal thickness and visual acuity were recorded at baseline and 3 and 6 months after treatment. There were 22 eyes in the 2RT group and 18 in the control group, with no significant age and gender differences. The baseline mean retinal thickness was 339 µm ±96 ±m in the 2RT group and 318 µm ±70 µm in the control group. The mean retinal thickness change in the 2RT group was -44 µm ±94 µm, and in the control group was -23 µm ±52 µm.

The baseline mean visual acuity (VA) was 0.21 ±0.23 in the 2RT group and 0.12 ±0.23 in the control group; the corresponding mean VAs after 3 months were 0.18 ±0.27 and 0.12 ±0.24, respectively. The authors noted that the 2RT causes minimal injury to overlying retina and can potentially treat edema closer to the fovea, and it therefore warrants further evaluation in a larger study.


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