September 2010






Perspectives on Imaging and Dyes in Retina

By Robert L. Avery, MD and Allen C. Ho, MD



Is clinical research a good fit for your practice?

By Avner Ingerman, MD, MSC; Ciera Maffei; and David Waters-Honcu

FELLOWS’ FOCUS: Finding Professional and Personal Balance as a Fellow: Part 1

By Eugene A. Milder, MD; Paul S. Baker, MD; and Allen Chiang, MD; with Jason Hsu, MD; and Carl Park, MD

RETINA IN THE ASC: ASC Profitability in Tough Economic Times

Supply costs and inventory control are key components to a healthy bottom line.

By Jan Amator, MBA


GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES: Choroidal Neovascularization Due to Pathologic Myopia

The pathogenesis of this condition is unknown, but anti-VEGF treatment has shown promising therapeutic results.

By Yasushi Ikuno, MD

RETINA PEARLS: Retinal Manifestations of Preeclampsia

Prompt evaluation of pregnant women with blurry vision is important, as serious and even life-threatening conditions may be present.

By Eugene W. NG, MD, MBA; Karl Waite, MD; and Michael Bennett, MD

SURGICAL UPDATES: Macula-on Detachments Can be Managed With Selectively Urgent Timing

With clinical judgment, many fovea-sparing detachments can be delayed.

By Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PHD; and William E. Smiddy, MD


CASE REPORTS IN OCULAR ONCOLOGY: RPE Detachment Overlying Choroidal Nevus Imparting Pseudo-growth Appearance

By Anam Qureshi, BS; Emil Anthony T. Say, MD; Brad E. Kligman, BS; and Carol L. Shields, MD


Navigated Retinal Photocoagulation

The Navilas integrates key components of the diagnostic and therapeutic process.

By Michael D. Ober, MD

Restoration of ELM Reflection Line Crucial for Visual Recovery in Surgically Closed MH

New SD-OCT imaging insights related to the reconstruction of photoreceptor layer and visual outcomes after macular hole repair.

By Taku Wakabayashi, MD; and Yusuke Oshima, MD, PHD

Dyes for Internal Limiting Membrane Peeling: To Use or Not to Use?

By Arturo Alezzandrini, MD; and Mario Saravia, MD

Spectral-domain Optical Coherence Tomography in Gas-filled Eyes

SD-OCT scans a broad area in a short time, allowing a more detailed and accurate identification of the macula after vitrectomy.

By Makoto Inoue, MD; and Akito Hirakata, MD

Natural Course of Macular Detachment in Relation to Optic Pit

By Zofia Michalewska, MD, PHD; Janusz Michalewski, MD, PHD; and Professor Jerzy Nawrocki

Patient With Persistent Intraretinal Cysts

SD-OCT imaging revealed further details for the management of this case.

By David M. Brown, MD

Retinal Imaging for ROP

RetCam photography enables the clinician to determine when surgical or medical intervention is necessary.

By Audina M. Berrocal, MD

The RTVue FD-OCT as an Aid in Performing Complex Membranectomies

Ultrahigh-speed and high-resolution pictures revealed cellophane membranes and traction.

By Jay Fleischman, MD


Perfluorocarbonpefused Vitrectomy for Severe PDR

This technique, devised by Dr. Quiroz-Mercado, offers an alternative to bimanual surgery, viscodissection, and perfluorodissection.

By Andres Amaya-Espinosa, MD; Myriam Hernandez-Rojas; Orlando Ustariz-Gonzalez, MD; Michael D. Ober, MD; and Hugo Quiroz-Mercao, MD

Macular Hole Repair Without Face-down Positioning

A review of 15 years’ experience.

By Paul E. Tornambe, MD


Is The Time Finally Right For EMR?

Financial incentives and government programs reward ophthalmology practices for implementing EMR.

By A. J. Dela Houssaye, MD

5 Questions with Rubens Belfort Jr., MD, PhD

Dr. Belfort is Head Professor of the Vision Institute, Hospital São Paulo, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil.


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