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Chief Medical Editor's Page

Applying Clinical Data to Practice in AMD

By Allen C. Ho, MD Chief Medical Editor and Robert L. Avery, MD Associate Medical Editor

Perspectives: From the Editors of New Retina MD

The Sunshine Act’s Intimidation Factor

Will the noble objectives of this law set up a roadblock to innovation?

By Richard S. Kaiser, MD; and Jonathan L. Prenner, MD

Business of Retina
Pennsylvania Avenue Updates

Meaningful Use of EHR

Meaningful use must be demonstrated to earn Medicare incentive payments.

By Jeremy D. Wolfe, MD
Clinical Trials for the Retina Specialist

Translating Clinical Trial Results to Practice

By David Boyer, MD; Matthew Benz, MD; and Alexander Eaton, MD
Fellow's Focus

Turning Ideas Into Products

Part 2 of 2 parts. Dealing with companies and taking your idea to market.

By Nikolas J.S. London, MD; Andre J. Witkin, MD; and Alok S. Bansal, MD with Emmett T. Cunningham Jr., MD, PHD, MPH; Paul E. Tornambe, MD; and Eugene De Juan Jr., MD

Retina Surgery
Retina Pearls

Single-point Scleral Fixation of a Decentered IOL Without Vitrectomy

A minimally invasive, straightforward rescue technique.

By Nicole Siegel, MD; Steven Ness, MD; and Vasiliki Poulaki, MD, PHD
Global Perspectives

Treatment of Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy

Individualized plans may be warranted, as the disease course can vary.

By Won Ki Lee, MD
Surgical Updates

Extreme Buckling

By John W. Kitchens, MD


Choroidal Melanoma With Retinal Invasion

By Timothy V, Johnson, MD; Swathi Kaliki, MD; and Carol L. Shields, MD

Cover Stories

Intravitreal Aflibercept for AMD: 2-year Results

The VIEW 1 and 2 studies showed high degrees of safety and efficacy at 2 years.

By Jeffery S. Heier, MD

My Use of Aflibercept in Clinical Practice

By Philip J. Rosenfeld, MD, PHD

The Consequences of CATT

How the study results have affected my treatment approach for AMD.

By Rohit Ross Lakhanpal, MD, FACS

AMD and Imaging: 2 Articles

By Glenn J. Jaffe, MD and James D. Palmer, MD

Steroid Implant Alone and as an Adjunct to Anti-VEGF for CNV in AMD

The extended-release device alone provided clinically and statistically significant improvement in central retinal thickness.

By Michael A. Singer, MD

Neuroprotection in Age-related Macular Degeneration

Preventing apoptosis may not be enough to prevent cell death.

By Demetrios G. Vavvas, MD, PHD

Dietary Supplements as Adjuncts in Combination Therapy for AMD

A new study suggests that nutritional supplements may have the potenial to enhance the effect of anti-VEGF agents plus photodynamic therapy or laser.

By R. Joseph Olk, MD

Medical Retina

Combination Therapy for Diffuse DME

By Keith A. Warren, MD

Treatment of Retinal Vein Occlusion

Individualized therapy is crucial to good patient outcomes.

By Gaurav K. Shah, MD

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