Moorfields Eye Hospital and SalutarisMD To Collaborate on Treatment for Wet AMD


Moorfields Eye Hospital will collaborate with Salutaris Medical Devices (SalutarisMD) to advance the research and development of a novel medical device for use in the treatment of wet AMD, according to a news release. The device reportedly allows the application of brachytherapy through the posterior sclera, avoiding the need for more invasive surgery or complex therapeutic machines.

A Moorfields research team led by Adnan Tufail, MD, FRCOphth; Praveen Patel, MB, BChir, MA, FRCOphth, MD(Res); and Kam Balaggan BSc (Hons), MBBS, MRCOphth, PhD, will work with SalutarisMD on the development, application, and evaluation of this new technology. The device enables lesion-specific targeting, in which the retina specialist delivers localized tissue irradiation that is customized for each patient. It is designed as a clinic-based procedure that can be performed in the same environment as anti-VEGF injections for wet AMD.

The device has been tested in a phase 1 safety trial in the United States. The trial sample was small in size with a short follow-up period; however, the 6 patients enrolled showed improvement in vision, and 3 patients required no additional anti-VEGF injections within the 90-day trial period.

“One of the attractions of this application is the way it enables the treatment to be administered in a noninvasive way, without the need for complex expensive equipment,” Peng Khaw, Director of Research and Development at Moorfields Eye Hospital, said in the news release.


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