May/June 2017


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A Better Tomorrow

For patients with AMD the future is full of promise.

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Medical Editors’ Page

Science and Medicine Make for a Better Tomorrow

By Allen C. Ho, MD, and Robert L. Avery, MD


PA Avenue Updates

How the AAO Helped Stop a Washington Disaster

Two seemingly contradictory proposals shelved as a result of AAO action.

By George A. Williams, MD
Fellows’ Focus

Wise Words for the Graduating Retina Fellow

Advice from the experts on how to ensure a smooth and successful transition into practice.

By David Ehmann, MD
Coding for Retina

Coding for Intraocular Foreign Body Removal

These tips may help ease billing woes.

By Riva Lee Asbell

Using Pre-Health Professionals as Practice Support Staff

Is there a role for premed students in your retina practice?

By Jessica Leonard, BS, MS; Jackie Bayne, COA; and Brian C. Joondeph, MD, MPS


Retina Pearls

Tips and Tricks for Polishing Your Retinectomy Skills

These suggestions could help improve success rates.

By John D. Pitcher III, MD
Global Perspectives

Laser Therapy for Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema

Laser still plays an important role in the treatment of diabetic eye disease, despite the popularity of anti-VEGF agents.

By Ameen Marashi, MD


Why Small-Gauge Endoscopy Should Not Be Overlooked

The benefits of smaller gauges in endoscopic imaging.

By Rupan Trikha, MD


When to Use Steroids for Retinal Vein Occlusion

Early, late, or never?

By Marcelo Zas, MD, PhD


Ophthalmologic Diagnosis and Follow-Up in Von Hippel-Lindau Disease

A close look at a small group of patients helped devise a new approach to managing patients with this rare syndrome.

By Davide Allegrini, MD; Alfredo Pece, MD; Giovanni Montesano, MD; Claudia Tarlarini, MD; Paola Primignani, MD; Elena Piozzi, MD; Luisa Grassi, MD; Luca Rossetti, MD; and Silvana Penco, MD

COVER FOCUS: A Better Tomorrow


By Karen Roman, Editor-in-Chief

Predicting Geographic Atrophy Growth With SD-OCT

The ability to identify ideal treatment candidates could speed clinical trials.

By Theodore Leng, MD, MS

Mitochondrial Genetics in AMD

The powerhouse of the cell holds potential for the treatment of age-related disease.

By M. Cristina Kenney, MD, PhD, and Baruch D. Kuppermann, MD, PhD

Putting Vision Monitoring in the Hands of Patients With AMD

The future is remote. Embrace it.

By S.K. Steven Houston III, MD

Buyer Beware: Ignorance ≠ Bliss

Unregulated stem cell clinics pose real risks to patients with AMD.

By Zubair A. Ansari, MD; Ajay E. Kuriyan, MD, MS; Thomas A. Albini, MD; and Harry W. Flynn Jr, MD

5Q With Andrew A. Moshfeghi, MD, MBA

Andrew A. Moshfeghi, MD, MBA, is an Associate Professor at the USC Gayle and Edward Roski Eye Institute, Director of Vitreoretinal Surgery and Medical Retina Fellowships, and Director of the Clinical Trials Unit for the Department of Ophthalmology at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Calif.


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