March 2018


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The XX Factor

A look at the accomplishments and challenges that have shaped some of today's women leaders in retina.

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Medical Editors' Page

The Academy Awards, Retina Edition

By Allen C. Ho, MD, and Robert L. Avery, MD

Four Favorites

Retina Today’s choice takeaways from this issue.

Opinion: Paving the Way to Accessible Treatment for All

Gene therapy offers promise but poses a challenge to current payment models.

By Thomas Ciulla, MD, MBA


Global Perspectives

Teleophthalmology Travels Great Distances in Canada

Telemedicine programs bring ophthalmic care to remote populations and others who lack access.

By Parampal S. Grewal, MD; Uriel Rubin, MD; Christopher J. Rudnisky, MD, MPH, FRCSC; and Matthew T.S. Tennant, MD, FRCSC
Fellows’ Focus

Four-point Fixation for Scleral-sutured IOLs

Comfort and confidence are keys to consistent success.

By Christopher M. Aderman, MD


Pigmented Paravenous Chorioretinal Atrophy

By Manish Nagpal, MS, DO, FRCS (Edin), and Jayesh Khandelwal, MS


Prostate Carcinoma: Common in Men But Rare in the Eye

A patient with multifocal large choroidal metastases was successfully treated with external beam radiotherapy.

By Alexander Graf, BA; Archana Srinivasan, MD; and Carol L. Shields, MD


The XX Factor

By Karen Roman, Editor-in-Chief

Roundtable: Women of Retina

An exploration of challenges and progress in the field.

With Caroline R. Baumal, MD; Audina M. Berrocal, MD; Maria H. Berrocal, MD; Susan B. Bressler, MD; Kimberly A. Drenser, MD, PhD; Anne E. Fung, MD; Nancy M. Holekamp, MD; Jennifer I. Lim, MD; Anat Loewenstein, MD; Amy C. Schefler, MD; Ursula M. Schmidt-Erfurth, MD; Adrienne W. Scott, MD; Carol L. Shields, MD; and Lejla Vajzovic, MD

5 Questions With Alice R. McPherson, MD

By R. Ross Lakhanpal, MD

Women in Retina, Leading the Way

Four academic leaders answer questions about their career paths and offer tips for younger women.

By Julia A. Haller, MD; Joan W. Miller, MD, FARVO; Joan M. O’Brien, MD; and Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD

By the Numbers

A snapshot of responses to an informal poll.

Resources for Women in the Field of Retina

Public speaking doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but these suggestions can help you look and sound like a pro.


When Your Diabetic Patient Requires Anterior Segment Attention

How to successfully manage patients with diabetes during cataract surgery.

By Nathan C. Steinle, MD, and Charles C. Wykoff, MD, PhD

Novel Treatment Strategies for Diabetic Eye Disease

Next-generation anti–VEGF-A drugs and combination agents show potential.

By Pravin U. Dugel, MD

Tissue-Sparing Laser for Center-Involved DME Not Responsive to Anti-VEGF Treatment

Advantages include improving safety and reducing the burden of injections.

By Victor Gonzalez, MD

Key Takeaways From the Latest Clinical Trials in Diabetic Eye Disease

Trials in DME assessed treatment regimens, combination treatments, and a novel route of administration.

By Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD



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