The Academy Awards, Retina Edition

By Allen C. Ho, MD, and Robert L. Avery, MD

As we write the editorial for this issue, the entertainment community and movie fans anxiously await the 90th Academy Awards. In the spirit of this annual event, we offer you a condensed subspecialty edition, with our predictions for what will be some of the best acts in retina this year.

Leading Role: gene therapy

The approval of the first gene therapy for patients with an inherited retinal disease in December may be just the thing that opens the door for gene therapy to find a place in the treatment of more common conditions, and for that we nominate this achievement for the leading role in retina 2018.

Supporting Role: drug delivery implants

Several companies are developing sustained-release implants and formulations that have the potential to deliver medications over months and even years, thereby reducing injection frequency. These devices have the potential to dramatically improve patient satisfaction and patient outcomes, which is why we nominate them for their supporting role in the distribution of time-tested therapeutics.

Cinematography: optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA)

In the awards world, cinematography refers to the art of making motion pictures, but in retina, it easily translates to the art of ocular imaging. OCTA has garnered quite a bit of interest since its debut, and we continue to see new advances in this technology, allowing us to view more of the retina and more clearly. This is definitely an area we’ll continue to watch.

Special Achievement: combination therapies

Although we can’t count on the same treatment regimen to manage every patient with a given condition, combinations of existing and emerging drugs are expanding our options for customized treatment. We are excited to see how these pan out and what new pairings come about.

Do your nominations differ from ours? We welcome your feedback. If you want to see more detailed coverage on a certain topic or from a particular perspective, let us know at

Allen C. Ho, MD
Chief Medical Editor

Robert L. Avery, MD
Associate Medical Editor


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