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“Seeing people survive Ebola but then lose vision served as motivation to join the program, with the hope of bringing ophthalmic care and surgery to their own facilities.”

Many Mountains to Climb

Robin D. Ross, MD, MPH, CPH, on training Liberian nurses to become ophthalmic nurses


“Although medical management is favored when possible, a surgical approach that entails minimal manipulation and achieves maximal drainage is ideal for restoring ocular anatomy and facilitating visual recovery.”

Dealing With Hemorrhagic Choroidal Detachments

Ferhina S. Ali, MD; Shree K. Kurup, MD; and Sunir J. Garg, MD, on managing postoperative suprachoroidal hemorrhage


“In later phases, a vitreous band may develop with the formation of an epiretinal membrane, causing retinal detachment.”

The 4-1-1 on Infectious Retinitis

Alice Y. Zhang, MD, and Ashvini K. Reddy, MD, on challenges in the diagnosis and management of fungal endophthalmitis


“The majority of patients with ocular syphilis have posterior uveitis as the primary manifestation, commonly with bilateral involvement.”

Recognizing Ocular Syphilis

Jordana G. Fein, MD, MS, and Musa Abdelaziz, MD, on diagnosing and dealing with ocular syphilis


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