January/February 2019

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Medical Editors’ Page

Back To Our Surgical Roots

By Allen C. Ho, MD; and Robert L. Avery, MD


Posterior Segment Firecracker Injury

By Somnath Chakraborty, MD


Coding Advisor

2019 Retina Coding and Reimbursement Changes

What you need to know for the new year.

By Joy Woodke, COE, OCS, OCSR


Private Equity in Retina

Its role and what it means for fellows in training.

By Daniel Su, MD; with Guarav K. Shah, MD; and James F. Vander, MD


Global Perspectives

27-Gauge Pars Plicata Vitrectomy and Intrascleral Fixation for IOL Dislocation

Trading five sclerotomies for three.

By Gurkan Erdoğan, MD; Beril Tulu Aygun, MD; and Alper Agca, MD

Subthreshold Laser Treatment for Macular Edema in Retinal Vein Occlusion

Examining the role of subthreshold laser in the era of anti-VEGF.

By Matteo Forlini, MD; and Purva Date, DNB, FVRS; with Justyna Jędrychowska-Jamborska, MD; Krzysztof Morawski, MD, PhD; and Bożena Romanowska-Dixon, MD, PhD


Managing Diabetic Eye Disease in Young Patients

Consider your patients’ age and work status when establishing a treatment plan.

By Ragui Sedeek, MD

The Scoop on Anti-Integrin Therapy for DME

Among the options being examined for the treatment of patients with DR and DME, how might anti-integrin therapy fit into the mix?

By Pravin U. Dugel, MD


Three Technologies That Have Changed the Way I Operate on Patients With Diabetes

Complications due to diabetes present challenges during surgery, and recent innovations have addressed them.

By Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD

Eyetube Retina Recap: Two Videos That Caught My Attention

These cases demonstrate mastery of important and novel vitreoretinal surgical techniques.

By Michael A. Klufas, MD

Three Surgical Elements I Have Changed Using a Heads-Up 3D Viewing Platform

A different viewing platform in the OR requires some adjustment.

By S.K. Steven Houston III, MD

Use of Autologous Blood in Macular Hole Surgery

Could blood be your friend during complex macular hole surgery? In some cases, maybe.

By María H. Berrocal, MD; and Luis A. Acaba, BA

Avoiding Outdated Medicine: Reconsidering Postoperative Regimens in the New Age of 27-Gauge Surgery

Some retina surgeons recommend postoperative regimens from an older era. It may be time for a change.

By Peter A. Karth, MD, MBA


Modern Management of Challenging Retinoblastoma Cases

Management and treatment options for retinoblastoma have changed radically in recent decades.

By David H. Abramson, MD; and Jasmine H. Francis, MD


The Important Work of Retina Global

Rajat N. Agrawal, MD, MS, the CEO and president of Retina Global, explains the nonprofit’s efforts in this interview.

By Ashvini K. Reddy, MD; with Rajat N. Agrawal, MD, MS

Acupuncture for Dry AMD

Research suggests that this branch of complementary medicine may hold promise.

By Deepinder K. Dhaliwal, MD, LAc; and Siwei Zhou, MD



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