October 2019


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Top Surgeons Discuss New Techniques and Their Favorite Instruments

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By Allen C. Ho, MD; and Robert L. Avery, MD


As the Worm Turns

By Jon Zick, OSC; Mark S. Dacey, MD; and Brian C. Joondeph, MD, MPS


Improving Veterans’ Ocular Health

A look at how the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Technology-Based Eye Care Services program is reshaping eye care delivery.

By April Maa, MD


Pop Quiz: Know Your Modifiers

A few practice questions on modifiers will sharpen your game.

By Joy Woodke, COE, OCS, OCSR


Management of Retinal Detachment Due to Giant Retinal Tear

A case report highlights management pearls for this potentially challenging situation.

By Sunir J. Garg, MD, FACS

Repair of a Redetachment After Traumatic Giant Retinal Tear

Membrane removal following redetachment is common, and 3D visualization may be helpful.

By María H. Berrocal, MD

Precision Engineering in a Vitrectomy Platform

Vented valves, a three-pump platform, and other features are worth noting.

By Fabio Patelli, MD

My Preferred Choice of Surgical Forceps

Extended-reach, wide-grip forceps have become one of my key surgical tools.

By James R. Singer, DO

Peace of Mind in the OR

One reliable kit has given me confidence during surgeries, no matter where I operate.

By Nathan C. Steinle, MD

Blast From the Past: The Rebirth of Dual-Bore Cannulas

Modification of a device invented by a trailblazer of retina surgery gives surgeons a new option in the OR.

By Christopher D. Riemann, MD


My Switch to New Needles for Intravitreal Injection

How one small instrument change improved my patients’ lives.

By David A. Eichenbaum, MD

Prefilled Syringe Opener From a 3D Printer

A blueprint for creating a novel 3D-printed tool to facilitate uncapping of a syringe prefilled with an anti-VEGF agent.

By Ferhina S. Ali, MD, MPH; Nathan Wong; Murtaza Adam, MD; and Mitchell S. Fineman, MD

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