Peace of Mind in the OR

One reliable kit has given me confidence during surgeries, no matter where I operate.

By Nathan C. Steinle, MD

I am a surgical retina specialist in Southern California and have been in an academic private practice for the past 8 years. Our practice has 13 locations, which means we operate at multiple surgery centers.

At A Glance

• Consistency, advanced preparation, and efficiency are crucial elements for successful surgeries.

• Maintaining a well-organized OR reduces packaging waste, minimizes single orders of individual surgical components, and improves turnover rates.

• Having all of your commonly used surgical tools readily available is convenient and brings a sense of ease.

Every surgeon feels most comfortable when striving to maximize consistency and efficiency in the OR, regardless of venue changes. One significant surgical enhancement I have made over the past few years is transitioning to the Surgical Convenience Kit (Vortex Surgical, Figure) for all surgical cases involving the macula, such as surgery for epiretinal membrane removal, macular hole repair, or vitreomacular traction.

The kit is a small, sterilized tray, and it contains my favorite tools that I use for such cases. I am able to customize and order the tray with my choice of forceps, a disposable flat lens, and a soft-tip cannula; I also choose from color-coded 23-, 25-, and 27-gauge instrument options. The forceps have a glare-free coating, and surgeons who prefer to use a membrane scraper can add a retractable or nonretractable model to the kit.


Figure. The Surgical Convenience Kit (Vortex Surgical) is customizable.

I add the Actu8 ILM forceps (Vortex Surgical) to my customized kit. These forceps have a broad platform and fantastic gripping power, which improves surgical efficiency during membrane removal. The high-quality disposable flat lens in my kit provides a consistent and clear view.

The kit reduces room turnover times and minimizes packaging waste. It also eliminates the time-consuming task of ordering single individual components. When I walk into the OR to begin a surgical case involving the macula and I see my scrub technician opening one of these kits, I feel confident that all of my tools will be ready and available throughout the procedure and there won’t be any scrambling during the case to find a given component. This gives me valuable peace of mind.


Louis Pasteur said, “Fortune favors the prepared mind.” It is critical that surgeons eliminate any unnecessary variables and prepare ahead of time for success. With a kit such as this at their disposal, retina surgeons can be equipped for an effective surgery each time they enter the OR.

Nathan C. Steinle, MD
• Retina Surgeon, California Retina Consultants and Research Foundation, Santa Barbara, California
• Financial disclosure: Consultant and Investor (Vortex Surgical)


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