The Future of Retina

By Allen C. Ho, MD; and Robert L. Avery, MD

Retina specialists are charged with a difficult task. They must provide high quality care for patients in their clinics while simultaneously keeping track of the therapeutic pipeline. Patient care always comes first, and it is easy (and sometimes necessary) to stop focusing on pipeline developments in order to maximize the quality of medicine we practice.

That’s where Retina Today steps in.

The authors contributing to this issue provide a robust update on therapeutic candidates in the pipeline. They couldn’t cover every drug in the research phase, of course, but they selected drug candidates that may affect our performance in clinic in the near future.

Gene therapy for retinal diseases is a potential major breakthrough. Three articles in our cover series are dedicated to the latest developments in this area of research; two of those articles parse the latest data from clinical trials, and another profiles a gene therapy meeting that took place before this year’s AAO Annual Meeting.

Updates from other areas of the pipeline are given robust coverage in this issue. Discussions of various phase 3 trials dive deep into data. Trials in phase 1 and 2 evaluating drugs with the potential to disrupt the therapeutic space are reviewed, too. A survey of an area of the pipeline that is often overlooked—uveitis therapy—and a look at home-based OCT imaging are also included in our coverage.

We are honored that Peter K. Kaiser, MD, collaborated with the Retina Today team to create a pull-out poster for our pipeline issue. The poster, which you will find included with your print edition, illustrates the science behind and the status of various drugs in the pipeline for dry and wet age-related macular degeneration.

Allen C. Ho, MD
Chief Medical Editor

Robert L. Avery, MD
Associate Medical Editor


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