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New Faces, New Dynamics: The Health Care Reform Debate

Jeffrey J. Kimbell and Kenneth L. Hodge

April 2017—The relationship between the incoming HHS Secretary and the Senate Minority Leader may be the key to ACA overhaul.

Surgical Coding FAQ

Riva Lee Asbell

April 2017—Common coding questions related to medical necessity, code selection, silicone oil removal, and other topics.

Thinking Outside the Stocks (and Bonds)

Jason M. O’Dell, MS, CWM, and Andrew Taylor, CFP

April 2017—Investors who diversify their portfolios into nontraded assets can mitigate their risk of loss.

Telemedicine in Ophthalmology

Carl H. Park, MD; Ehsan Rahimy, MD; Abtin Shahlaee, MD; and Jay L. Federman, MD

April 2017—Numerous factors are driving a transition to remote screening.

Coding for Retina | Perils of the Eye Codes

Riva Lee Asbell

March 2017—Three common coding dangers can be avoided with a basic understanding of the rules and requirements.

PA Avenue Updates | MIPS: New Rules, New Money

Linda Pottinger, MBA

March 2017—If you play nice you may see bonus reimbursement, but if you take your ball and go home, you will likely see a reduction.

Looking Forward and Looking Backward

Sundeep K. Kasi, MD

January/February 2017—Presenters at the Wills Retina Update asked retina doctors to look to the past to treat some patients while also exploring how future innovations could change the field’s dynamics.

New Uses of the 7th Character in ICD-10-CM Coding

Riva Lee Asbell

January/February 2017—A review of changes that take effect this year.


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