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Upcoming Treatments for DR

Marco Zarbin, MD, PhD, recaps his FLOREtina talk, which covered two classes of drugs (Tie-2 receptor signaling inhibitor…

Marco Zarbin, MD, PhD

Can we use OCT-A to detect early diabetic changes?

In this video, Amir H. Kashani, MD, PhD, describes why diabetic retinopathy may be the perfect model for understanding t…

Amir H. Kashani, MD, PhD

OCTA may enable characterization of new type of intraretinal…

Amir H. Kashani, MD, PhD, describes a novel morphologic finding identified in eyes with DR involving intraretinal hyperr…

Amir H. Kashani, MD, PhD

Tractional Retinal Detachment with 27G

A 32-year-old female patient presents with tractional retinal detachment secondary to diabetes and poor compliance. Her …

Ulrich Spandau

Bimanual Diabetic Tractional Retina Detachment Repair

A 38-year-old long standing diabetic presented with count fingers vision and a diabetic tractional retina detachment in …

Rohit Adyanthaya, MD

Diabetic Tractional Retinal Detachment

Colin McCannel, MD, and Michael A. Klufas, MD, present the case of a middle aged male with poorly controlled diabetes an…

Colin McCannel, MD, Michael A. Klufas, MD

PhacoVitrectomy for Diabetic Tractional Retinal Detachment

Rohit Adyanthaya, MD, demonstrates a combined phacoemulsification with intraocular lens implantation and pars plana vitr…

27 G + Bimanual Surgery on a Diabetic Retinal Detachment

Martin Charles, MD, presents the case of a 39-year-old female patient who presented with low light perception due to dia…

Martin Charles, MD

Diabetic TRD

Nur Acar, MD

Avastin and PDR

Yusuke Oshima, MD


Alay S. Banker MD

Viscodissection in PDR

Jose García-Arumí MD


Carlos Mateo, MD

27 Gauge Dissection in PDR

Yusuke Oshima, MD

27G Diabetic Vitrectomy

Carl Claes, MD

Combined Peeling and Segmentation for Combined Retinal Detac…

Deependra V Singh, MD, describes the technique using a 23G cutter to peel and segment membrane in order to re-attach a c…

Deependra V Singh, MD

Diabetic Tractional Retinal Detachment

Tamer H. Mahmoud, MD, from Duke University Eye Center, presents a diabetic tractional retinal detachment case. He demons…

Tamer Mahmoud, MD, PhD

Diabetic TRD 25G Lift and Peel Technique

Maria H. Berrocal, MD, presents the case of a monocular 52-year-old male with long standing diabetic traction and rhegma…

Maria H. Berrocal, MD

MIVS Vitreoretinal Techniques for Diabetic Detachments

Maria H. Berrocal, MD, of the American Society of Retina Specialists in San Juan, Puerto Rico, shares a summary of her p…

Maria H. Berrocal, MD, Timothy G. Murray MD, MBA, FACS

Systemic Levels of Anti-VEGF: What Available Data Reveal

Robert L. Avery, MD, discusses the recent finding from CATT, IVAN on systemic concentrations of bevacizumab and ranibizu…

Robert Avery MD, PhD

Vitrectomy For DME: Pro

During a point-counterpoint session on vitrectomy in eyes with diabetic macular edema, Tarek Hassan, MD, of the Associat…

Tarek Hassan, MD

Anti-angiogenic Therapy and Navigated Laser for DME

Igor Kozak, MD, PhD, evaluates the efficacy of a standardized combination therapy for clinically significant diabetic ma…

Igor Kozak, MD, PhD

Navilas Navigated Laser for Diabetic Macular Edema

On July 20, 2013, David Boyer, MD, of Retina-Vitreous Associates Medical Group, performs a navigated focal laser treatme…

David Boyer, MD

Endpoint Management and PASCAL Laser Systems: Less-Damaging …

Pravin Dugel, MD, ophthalmologist at Retinal Consultants of Arizona, discusses the shift in the use of lasers for the tr…

Pravin U. Dugel MD

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