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January/February 2017—FDA Approved First Anti-VEGF Agent for Myopic CNV The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved 0.5 mg ranibizumab (Lucentis, Genentech) for the treatment of myopic ch…

Tie Fighters

Aron Shapiro; David Hollander, MD; and Lisa Smith

January/February 2017—Targeting Tie-2 in patients with wet AMD or diabetic eye disease could allow clinicians to treat patients who have not responded to conventional therapies.

Characterizing the White Dot Syndromes

Michael D. Tibbetts, MD; edited by Heeral R. Shah, MD, and Jordana G. Fein, MD

November/December 2016—In this case report, multimodal imaging in an older patient with an atypical presentation of inflammatory chorioretinopathy provided useful information.

Pharmacologic Treatment of PDR and DME

Stephen G. Schwartz, MD, MBA, and Ingrid U. Scott, MD, MPH

November/December 2016—Results from the’s Protocols S and T lend insights on the management of these conditions in clinical practice.

Diffuse Choroidal Hemangioma Treated With Low-Dose Plaque Brachytherapy

Lara Queirós, MD; Kareem Sioufi, MD; and Carol L. Shields, MD

November/December 2016—Complete tumor regression and complete resolution of total retinal detachment were achieved in this case of a boy with Sturge-Weber syndrome.

Recapping the Past 12 Months

the staff of Retina Today

November/December 2016—We are at the tail end of another successful year for the retina world. It is pretty amazing that one area of the eye care industry can continue to grow and expand as much as …

Intravitreal Chemotherapy for Vitreous Seeding Caused by Retinoblastoma

Hilary M. Gray, BA; Kareem Sioufi, MD; and Carol L. Shields, MD

October 2016—Intravitreal and intraarterial administration of chemotherapy are important and effective methods of treatment, but they must be used with caution.

Assessing Uveitis: Beyond Vitreous Haze

Sarju Patel, MD, MPH, MSC, and Debra Anne Goldstein, MD

October 2016—A new, composite approach is needed.


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