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Applications for Neuroprotection: The Next Therapeutic Categ…

Pharmacologic agents used in retina medicine are highly advanced and help to address a variety of neovascular and inflam…

Pravin U. Dugel, MD

Avastin and PDR

Yusuke Oshima, MD

Frequently Asked Questions About the Dexamethasone Implant

How fast does the DEX implant reduce macular edema, and in which disease states is it effective? Paolo Lanzetta, MD: …

Jay Chhablani, MD; Paolo Lanzetta, MD; Adrian Koh, MBBS, MMed (Ophth), FRCS (Ed), FAMS; and Michael Ober, MD

Ziv-Aflibercept as a Possible Alternative to Aflibercept

A medication is formulated and tested for intravitreal use with outstanding results. The systemic analog of this medicat…

Jonathan S. Chang, MD; Thomas A. Albini, MD; and Andrew A. Moshfeghi, MD, MBA

A No-Touch Technique for Removal of a Dexamethasone Implant

In this issue of Retina Today, John D. Pitcher III, MD, describes a viscoelastic-based technique for removing a dexameth…

John D. Pitcher III, MD

The Seasick Pattern of Choroidal Lymphoma on Enhanced Depth …

Lymphoma can involve several sites in the periocular region, including the conjunctiva, eyelid, orbit, and tissues withi…

Carl G. Schubert, BA; Sruthi Arepalli, MD; and Carol L. Shields, MD

Practical Guidelines for RVO Management

Treatment strategies for retinal vein occlusion (RVO) continue to evolve. A decade ago, laser treatment alone was the st…

Masumi G. Asahi, BS; Marvin Dang, BS; and Ron P. Gallemore, MD, PhD

A Peek Down the Pipeline: Emerging Drug Delivery Options for…

The range of intravitreal therapeutics available to the retinal specialist for the treatment of chronic retinal disease …

Steven Yeh, MD; Thomas A. Albini, MD; and Andrew A. Moshfeghi, MD, MBA


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