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Vitreous Hemorrhage as the Initial Sign of Renal Cell Carcin…

Choroidal metastases generally appear as a solitary, yellow- or orange-colored mass in the macula or perimacular region …

Zachary C. Williamson, BA; Sruthi Arepalli, BA; and Carol L. Shields, MD

Ozurdex Precision Program: Video Guide to Injection Techniqu…

This video Guide demonstrates the complete details of optimal preparation and injection technique for Ozurdex (Allergan,…

Removal of Ozurdex from Anterior Chamber of Pseudophakic Pat…

This pseudophakic patient underwent Ozurdex injection for posterior uveitis several weeks prior to presenting with compl…

Valli Muthappan, MD, Majid Moshirfar MD

Chronic Anti-VEGF Therapy: Are There Systemic Safety Concern…

Pravin Dugel, MD, of Retinal Consultants in Phoenix, Arizona, talks about systemic safety concerns for patients on long-…

Pravin Dugel, MD

Formulating a Differential

Moderator Thomas Albini, MD, of the Uveitis Resource Center, discusses with Rajiv Shah, MD, how uveitis is involved with…

Rajiv Shah, MD, Thomas Albini, MD

Laboratory Testing in Uveitis

Moderator Thomas Albini, MD, of the Uveitis Resource Center, discusses with Steven Yeh, MD, his experience with laborato…

Steven Yeh, MD, Thomas Albini, MD


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