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July/August 2018—NOVARTIS PLANS TO SPIN OFF ALCON Novartis plans to spin off its eye care devices division, Alcon, into a separately traded standalone company, the company announced in June…

Topical Drug Delivery for Retinal Disease Management

David S. Boyer, MD

July/August 2018—The cornea and sclera stand in the way of this more convenient, less invasive drug delivery modality.

Less Invasive Treatment for Uveitis

Glenn J. Jaffe, MD

July/August 2018—An injectable sustained drug delivery system may have advantages over existing options.

A Long-Term Treatment Option for AMD?

An interview with Carl D. Regillo, MD

July/August 2018—A principal investigator for a surgically implanted port delivery system talks about the device’s design and performance in patients with wet AMD.

Retina News

May/June 2018—Ablate-and-Replace Gene Therapy Was Successful in Mouse Model of RP An approach to gene therapy in which a gene editing tool is used to delete a mutated gene and replace it…

Opinion: Paving the Way to Accessible Treatment for All

Thomas Ciulla, MD, MBA

March 2018—Gene therapy offers promise but poses a challenge to current payment models.

Novel Treatment Strategies for Diabetic Eye Disease

Pravin U. Dugel, MD

March 2018—Next-generation anti–VEGF-A drugs and combination agents show potential.

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October 2017—NEI Award for ‘Retina in a Dish’ A team at the University of Maryland received a $90,000 award from the US National Eye Institute (NEI) for its proposal to crea…


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