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October 2017—NEI Award for ‘Retina in a Dish’ A team at the University of Maryland received a $90,000 award from the US National Eye Institute (NEI) for its proposal to crea…

Medicine Plus Surgery Treats an Unusual Case of Fungal Endophthalmitis

Aditya Mehta, MD, and Yu Hyon Kim, MD

October 2017—Careful attention to the patient’s history and persistent follow-up made for a positive result.

Switch From PPV Back to SB?

Paul E. Tornambe, MD

October 2017—A cost comparison reveals that an older method of repairing retinal detachment may be the best option.

5Q With David R. Chow, MD

October 2017—David R. Chow, MD, FRCS(C), is a vitreoretinal surgeon at the Toronto Retina Institute and an assistant professor at the University of Toronto.

5Q With Rohit Ross Lakhanpal, MD, FACS

September 2017— 1. What are the most challenging aspects of being a vitreoretinal surgeon? Time and efficiency. The practice of vitreoretinal surgery has changed dramatically in the pa…

Future Trends in Pediatric Vitrectomy

Audina M. Berrocal, MD, and Linda A. Cernichiaro-Espinosa, MD

September 2017—Although options for diagnosing and treating pediatric retinal diseases are somewhat limited, game-changing improvements and innovations are coming.

Learning in the OR

Christopher M. Aderman, MD; Ferhina Ali, MD, MPH; and Katherine Talcott, MD

September 2017—Pearls of wisdom from seasoned vitreoretinal veterans and recent graduates.

ILM Peeling During Diabetic Vitrectomy: When and Why

Timothy G. Murray, MD, FACS

September 2017—Surgeons must be aware of their outcomes in deciding how to approach DME surgically.


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