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Fellows’ Focus Journal Club

Section Editor Thomas L. Jenkins, MD and Section Editor Ravi R. Pandit, MD, MPH

March 2020—Summaries of two recent journal pieces.

Pearls for the Yamane Technique

Brandon D. Ayres, MD; Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD; Steven G. Safran, MD; and Manjool Shah, MD

March 2020—A rundown of the steps involved in performing this sutureless technique for IOL fixation in the absence of capsular support, and pearls for mastering it.

Tricks of the Trade

Allen C. Ho, MD; and Robert L. Avery, MD

January/February 2020— In Retina Today’s 5Q column, found on the final page of each issue, we often ask retina surgeons what drew

VBS at Mediterranean Retina

R. Ross Lakhanpal, MD, FACS

January/February 2020—Debates were frequent at the VBS panel at the Mediterranean Retina 2019 meeting.

Eyetube Retina Channel Update

Michael A. Klufas, MD

January/February 2020—A number of videos recently uploaded to Eyetube show innovative, cutting-edge techniques.

Surgical Pearls for the EVA Platform

Ashley M. Crane, MD; and David A. Eichenbaum, MD

January/February 2020—Improved fluidics and illumination are features of this vitrectomy system.

Introduction to Secondary IOLs

Thomas L. Jenkins, MD; Ravi R. Pandit, MD, MPH; and David Xu, MD

January/February 2020—Scleral fixation of a lens with two eyelets requires precise sclerotomy placement and suture management to avoid rotation.

OCT Angiography to Confirm Macular Hole Closure and Reduce Facedown Positioning

Michael C. Renfroe, BSA; Gowtham Jonna, MD; Yong Ren, MMS; Saradha Chexal, MD; and Chirag D. Jhaveri, MD

January/February 2020—This noninvasive, high-speed imaging technique can improve macular hole closure visualization and minimize discomfort for patients.


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