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Heavy Silicone Oil A Homemade Recipe!

A case in which an unintentional PFCL bubble was left in the vitreous cavity at the end of 23-gauge vitrectomy for a rhe…

Omar Barrada, MD

Innovative Instruments and Solutions for Retinal Surgery

Eugene de Juan, Jr, MD, talks about the GreenTip Soft Tip Cannula (Iridex Corporation) which are available in standard a…

Eugene de Juan, Jr, MD

Independent Surgery of the Retina and Vitreous

Yannek I. Leiderman, MD, PhD, demonstrates techniques for performing vitrectomy without the aid of an ophthalmic assista…

Yannek I. Leiderman, MD, PhD

Vitrectomy Surgery with Reusable System Using 22-g Needle

Jorge Garduño presents a vitrectomy case using a 23-g reusable trocar system with the help of a 22-g needle, instead of…

ILM Peeling Using the New Grieshaber DSP Direct Aspheric Mac…

Martin Charles, MD, presents a vitreomacular traction case using the EdgePlus valved cannula. A 23-g core vitrectomy is …

Martin Charles MD

Extreme Buckling

John Kitchens, MD, offers guidance for starting with scleral buckling procedures.

John Kitchens MD

25-Gauge Vitrectomy for Retained Lens Fragments

Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD; Omar Saleh, MD; Yoreh Barak, MD; and Lana Rifkin, MD, present the removal of retained lens frag…

Yoreh Barak, MD, Lana Rifkin, MD, Omar Saleh, MD, Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD

Silicone Oil Removal: The Anterior Approach

Omar Barrada, MD, presents a diabetic patient with a retina detachment who underwent vitrectomy with silicone oil inject…

Omar Barrada, MD


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