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Trypan Blue Staining

The panel discusses their techniques for trypan blue, brilliant blue, and ICG staining.

Stanislao Rizzo MD

Enhanced Visualization

Maria H Berrocal, MD, discusses the advances in visualization that have improved vitreoretinal surgery. The focus of thi…

Maria H. Berrocal

Paracentral Retinal Defect

Jerzy Nawrocki, MD, presents a case of paracentral retinal defect and talks about treatment strategies and risk factors.

Jerzy Nawrocki MD

Small Gauge Infusion into Choroid

Kirk Packo, MD, presents a case of dense vitreous hemorrhage from a branch vein occlusion. In a vitrectomized eye, large…

Kirk H. Packo MD

Subluxated Lens

Stanislao Rizzo, MD, presents a case of a subluxated lens managed with a pars plana lensectomy using the Ice cream techn…

Stanislao Rizzo MD

Induction of PVD

In this high myopic patient, Kourous Rezaei, MD, utilizes PVD to remove the vitreoretinal adhesion.

Kourous A. Rezaei MD

Always Check the Infusion Tip

This discussion focuses on placement of the infusion tip and how to make certain the tip is in the vitreous cavity.

Kourous A. Rezaei MD

Suprachoridal Infusion

This video presented by Maria Berrocal, MD, focuses on detecting and avoiding suprachoridal infusion complications.

Maria H. Berrocal


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