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Goodart ILM Forceps

Introduction of the Goodart ILM Forceps with Dr. Roy Goodart of Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Goodart explains his design fo…

Roy Goodart MD

Sutureless 20G Vitrectomy

Although many retinal surgeons have been transitioning to sutureless 23 and 25 gauge techniques, Drs. David Chow and Teo…

Pharmacosurgery with the Intrector

Vitreo-Retinal pharmacosurgery with Intrector is the newest step for intravitreal combination therapy. In this video, Dr…

Frank Koch MD

Trypan Blue Assisted Micro-Incision Vitrectomy Surgery

Drs. Banker, Chauhan, and Goja perform a trypan blue, assisted micro-incision vitrectomy surgery with 23-gauge.

Alay S. Banker MD, Rohan R. Chauhan MD, Urvashi Goja MD

ILM Peeling Using the 12-3044 Lucke ILM Universal Forceps

Dr. Klaus Lucke demonstrates the Lucke ILM Universal Forceps (Rumex, St. Petersburg, FL) which were designed to combine …

Klaus Lucke MD

Blue Beats Green

In this creative portrayal, Murat Oncel MD, offers a comparison between ILM Peeling with Brilliant Blue versus ICG. Bril…

Murat Oncel MD

Surgical Arterial Embolectomy

Stanislao Rizzo, MD, presents a case of surgical arterial embolectomy.

Stanislao Rizzo MD


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