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23G Vitrectomy for Macular Pucker

Reza Iranmanesh, MD, presents two 23G vitrectomy cases for macular pucker in which the surgeon observed peripheral ballo…

Retrobulbar Hemorrhage and 23G Leak-Free Incisions Made Easy

Dr. Pollack presents a retrobulbar hemorrhage cases following retrobulbar block and discusses possible surgical strateg…

John S. Pollack MD

RETINAWS 2009 Introduction

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water . . ." Surgeons draw a witty comparison between the mystery o…

Combined Vitrectomy & Keratoplasty for Complex Cases

In cases of severe corneal opacity, such as abscesses or scars, Drs. Nagpal, Mehta, Arora, and Nagpal perform a combine…

Ashish Nagpal MD, Manish Nagpal MD, Sandeep Arora MD, Vikram Mehta MD

Scleral Buckling Procedure

Dr. Ducournau explains the surgical technique and rationale for suture placement when implanting a scleral buckle.

Didier Ducournau MD


The basic principles of treating a retinal detachment with indentation are discussed.

Didier Ducournau MD

20-gauge versus 25-gauge: The race

A 20 G vitrectomy case is presented side-by-side in real-time with 25 G case to illustrate speed and efficiency at each …

Didier Ducournau MD, Guy L'Helgoual'Ch MD

Peeling Technique for PDR

Dr. Ducournau explains his technique to prevent retinal tears and minimize bleeding during ILM delamination for prolifer…

Didier Ducournau MD


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