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A Variety of Approaches to Buckle Placement

With Allen C. Ho, MD; Jason Hsu, MD; Richard S. Kaiser, MD; Arunan Sivalingam, MD; and James F. Vander, MD; Interview by Philip Storey, MD, MPH

April 2019—Wills Eye Hospital attendings weigh in on their preferred approaches.

Full Thickness Macular Hole Repair in a Patient With Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy and Asteroid Hyalosis

Effie Rahman MD; Sepehr Bahadorani, MD, PhD; and Hamzah Khalaf, MD

April 2019—A case report highlights the challenges of this complex presentation.

Management of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment with Macular Hole

Lianna Valdes, MD; Patrick Oellers, MD; and John B. Miller, MD

March 2019—The best strategy depends on the surgeon’s experience and the case.

27-Gauge Pars Plicata Vitrectomy and Intrascleral Fixation for IOL Dislocation

Gurkan Erdoğan, MD; Beril Tulu Aygun, MD; and Alper Agca, MD

January/February 2019—Trading five sclerotomies for three.

Subthreshold Laser Treatment for Macular Edema in Retinal Vein Occlusion

Matteo Forlini, MD; and Purva Date, DNB, FVRS; with Justyna Jędrychowska-Jamborska, MD; Krzysztof Morawski, MD, PhD; and Bożena Romanowska-Dixon, MD, PhD

January/February 2019—Examining the role of subthreshold laser in the era of anti-VEGF.

Three Technologies That Have Changed the Way I Operate on Patients With Diabetes

Alan J. Franklin, MD, PhD

January/February 2019—Complications due to diabetes present challenges during surgery, and recent innovations have addressed them.

Eyetube Retina Recap: Two Videos That Caught My Attention

Michael A. Klufas, MD

January/February 2019—These cases demonstrate mastery of important and novel vitreoretinal surgical techniques.

Three Surgical Elements I Have Changed Using a Heads-Up 3D Viewing Platform

S.K. Steven Houston III, MD

January/February 2019—A different viewing platform in the OR requires some adjustment.


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