The Stellaris PC (Bausch + Lomb) is a versatile microsurgical system that facilitates both anterior and posterior segment surgery. The Stellaris PC gives surgeons procedural choice, offering in a single system the capability for transconjunctival sutureless vitrectomy with 20-, 23-, and 25-gauge instrumentation and 1.8-mm microincision cataract surgery. The robust and reliable hardware and software support surgical procedures from the lens to the retina, and even beneath the retina. Settings and hardware can be configured to match the surgeon's preferences for anterior and posterior segment procedures. The procedural choice that is offered by the Stellaris PC is enhanced by the ability to perform combined procedures with this platform.

The Stellaris PC comes with a dual light source incorporating both xenon and mercury vapor lamps, as well as surgeon- selectable color filters that allow differentiated viewing to enhance the ability to see ocular structures under a variety of surgical conditions. The small footprint helps to conserve valuable space in the operating theater, especially considering the dual capabilities of the system. A wireless foot pedal with dual linear control allows a greater degree of surgeon autonomy.

The system received CE Mark approval in May 2010 after several years of gestation both in the laboratories of Bausch + Lomb and in our collaboration with surgeons. Recent and forthcoming innovative developments applied to the Stellaris PC are based on the direct feedback from customers of Bausch + Lomb.

To discuss some of the advantages and advances incorporated into the Stellaris PC, this supplement includes information from 3 surgeons who have been instrumental in the design and beta-testing of the new system. Faisal Fayyad, MD, will discuss the versatility of the Stellaris PC in managing complex cases; Richard Sheard, FRCOphth, will address the innovative illumination and filtering features of the device; and Barbara Parolini, MD, will present some examples of innovation in challenging cases.

Yannick Le Mer, MD, is Head Associate Professor in Fondation Ophtalmologique A. de Rothschild, Paris, France. Dr. Le Mer is a consultant for Bausch + Lomb, Intelligent Medical Implant, Novartis, and Pixium. He may be reached at