PASCAL Synthesis

Company Topcon Medical Systems, Inc.
Phone 408 235 8200
Key Features

  • Available in both 532 and 577 nm wavelengths
  • Dual ports enable switching between an LIO and laser probe without interchanging connections
  • Endpoint Management technology

Topcon Medical Systems, Inc., launched PASCAL Synthesis, a dual-port pattern scanning retinal laser available in both 532 nm and 577 nm wavelengths. According to company literature, PASCAL Synthesis includes a slit-lamp adapter that is compatible with Haag-Streit-style slit lamps, and the laser's compact design make it ideal for use in an outpatient clinic or operating room. Dual ports enable physicians to switch between a laser indirect ophthalmoscope and a laser probe without interchanging connections. The laser's intuitive user touchscreen allows easy pattern selection, macular grid adjustment, and storing of treatment presets. The Synthesis platform can also feature Endpoint Management technology, which employs advanced algorithms to facilitate clinical treatment at nondamaging levels. Additionally, the Endpoint Management's Landmark technology provides options for visible reference points. PASCAL Synthesis is not for sale in the United States but is awaiting regulatory clearance.