The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting has come to represent a culmination of the past year's developments and research. The meeting also signifies the close of a full-to-bursting clinical conference schedule for retina specialists, many of whom have already seen the data presented at AAO at another society or ancillary meeting during the year. Every year, however, the ballroom for Retina Subspecialty Day is consistently and arguably the most crowded prior to the start of the official AAO meeting. Over the years, an increasing number of general ophthalmologists have attended Retina Subspecialty Day, as there is keen interest across ophthalmology in what is happening in the retina space.

The main goal of the Retina Today staff is to offer readers the most comprehensive, concise information on the many facets of retina. Our cover focuses are designed to feature a wide variety of topics within retina from many different angles. We have had good feedback on this approach and this issue's cover focus on ocular oncology is no exception. Topics include targeted cancer therapy, telemedicine, imaging modalities, and, of course, new treatments.

This year, beginning with Macula 2013 in Baltimore in January, the editors of Retina Today have made a concerted effort to keep our Twitter and Facebook followers abreast of what is happening in real time from a wide variety of meetings throughout the world. At the AAO Annual Meeting, the conclusions of a majority of the presentations at Retina Subspecialty Day 2013 were tweeted or posted. In this issue, we provide more in-depth coverage of key presentations from the meeting, beginning on page 10.

We will continue our commitment in the coming year and beyond to be present at as many retina meetings as possible so that we are able to provide information on the most exciting developments to our readers in both our news coverage and our general editorial content. In the meantime, if you haven't already, follow Retina Today on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with us in 2014.

Robert L. Avery, MD, Associate Medical Editor

Allen C. Ho, MD, Chief Medical Editor

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