When I joined Bryn Mawr Communications (BMC) in 2008 to work as Editor-in-Chief for Retina Today, I did so with my eyes wide open and full of respect for the retina specialists with whom I had worked during several years at a competing publication. I saw this new opportunity at Retina Today as nothing less than a fun and exciting challenge— a chance to put together a high-quality publication every press cycle by following a strategy that relied heavily on 2 factors: (1) strong relationships with members of the retina community, and (2) the backing of a dynamic, innovative company that was well-known for quality and excellence.

Our editorial board represents the first factor behind our success. These are not just names on a list. They are the names of physicians who are gracious with their guidance, advice, and participation. There is not a single doctor on our editorial board whom I have not contacted at least once (usually a lot more than once!) when I had a question, was soliciting an article contribution, or had some other request for support. These requests were always received with generosity, and for that I am thankful. I am, of course, most thankful to Allen C. Ho, MD, Chief Medical Editor, and Robert L. Avery, MD, Associate Medical Editor. The quality of Retina Today reflects their vision and input, and they have provided me with a tremendous amount of support.

Bryn Mawr Communications is the second factor behind Retina Today's success. Since my arrival at the company, I have seen BMC grow at a fast pace. With our publications in print and our digital presence, which has become significant in ophthalmology, the high volume of resources that are available within this company make an editor's job easy. The talent within the walls of BMC is also unprecedented.

In my opinion, we have met our initial goal to produce the best publication of its kind in the marketplace. So it is with mixed feelings that I announce my departure from Retina Today to pursue new opportunities within retina. As such, I am handing over the reigns to my experienced and respected colleague, Bryan Bechtel, the current Managing Editor for Advanced Ocular Care, who will take my place as Editor-in-Chief. Bryan has 13 years of health care publishing experience, and I am 100% confident that he will carry on the strengths of Retina Today, setting even more daring goals as innovation in retina continues to thrust forward. I know that he is eager to work with those in the retina community to continue providing readers with timely, relevant material. I wish Bryan the best of luck!

Rachel M. Renshaw