Practice is taxing.

Add a pandemic and it can be downright exhausting.

Doctors in the United States experienced high rates of burnout before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. The topic might be addressed here and there at various conferences and during staff meetings, but the underlying slow burn of exhaustion marched steadily forward.

As business leaders, we cannot effectively run a practice if we’re in a constant state of fatigue. In this issue’s cover focus, we turn to two consultants who specialize in identifying and reducing burnout.

Also in this issue, we interview David Xu, MD, who cofounded, a free resource for ophthalmology trainees who need a helping hand (let’s be honest—that’s nearly every trainee) during their education. In the Coding Advisor column, we address coming coding changes for 2021. And in the Your Money column, we consider the financial implications of joining a new practice.

Alan Ruby, MD
Section Editor