InVitria Injection Assistant
The InVitria injection assistant (FCI Ophthalmics, Inc., Marshfield Hills, MA) is a disposable device for intravitreal injections designed to make the procedure fast and predictable. According to company literature, the device is equipped with a guide tube that is specially oriented to ensure a fixed injection angle, position, and depth. The point of injection is always at 3.5 mm from the orientation line. By gently pushing down and turning the device, the eye becomes fixated and the patient feels an anesthetic effect due to the pressure. Turning the InVitria back again after removing the needle returns the displaced conjunctiva over the injection site, preventing any leakage. Instruments such as a speculum, calibrator, or pressure plate are not needed with the InVitria. Each device comes individually sterile in boxes of 25 units.

GreenTip Soft Tip Cannulas
Iridex Corporation (Mountain View, CA), which recently acquired RetinaLabs (Atlanta, GA), announced the addition of a unique line of vitreoretinal instrumentation to its ophthalmic product portfolio. Iridex's acquired vitreoretinal instrumentation includes the GreenTip Soft Tip cannula. According to company literature, the GreenTip cannula allows surgeons to effectively visualize and access the proximity of the retina. Benefits include optimal contrast against the retina, maximized visualization, and greater protection of the retina with its unique atraumatic silicone tip. The GreenTip cannula is available for immediate shipment and use within the United States.